Our First Summer Adventure

Since the last time I posted, Namibia has turned into a ginormous sweat-fest. I have officially taken all sheets and blankets off my bed, and now sleep fully nude with my fan on full blast. The walk from school is now interrupted by several pauses in the shade, and I go through about 16 liters of water a day. The best part, though, is that we made a pool to play in!

Playing “Crocodile”

Getting a pedicure

The extreme sunny heat lasted about a month and a half, but now the rainy season has finally began. The heat is the same – actually getting worse – but it is now coupled by occasional rainstorms, which break it up and cool down the burning hot sand. With the onset of the rainy season has come a little adventure, heres the story.

Apparently there are eleven giant towers in Kavango, which are connected to all other electrical poles/wires that go out into the rest of the region. The towers are anchored by copper bolts. The copper is valuable and a rare commodity to people here, so some people have been slowly stealing the copper bolts that hold up the towers. I guess it happened over a period of months, so no one noticed it. But when the first rainstorm came, ten out of the eleven towers fell down almost at once. Our whole region immediately lost all power and water.

We used the crisis to play in the river all weekend.

So on Sunday, sans electricity, Matt and I decided to head to the Rundu Beach and were shocked to find the WHOLE town there. Everyone decided to take this break from life as an opportunity to have a full out rage on the beach, so obviously we joined in. We drank some wine, found a bunch of our Namibian friends, and had a picnic on the rocks. Then Matt and I swam across to Angola and found ourselves on the edge of a field in the face of a toothless farmer who was growing a mysterious plant.

Swimming on the way back, I was “rescued” by a naked Namibian woman who thought I was drowning. After saving me, she dove back underwater and swam away like a mysterious mermaid returning to the depths.

Later that day, Peace Corps decided to evacuate us from our sites. Most people in my group had no water or food, and no access to communication – so Peace Corps decided it was best to get us all together where they could keep track of us. So on Monday and Tuesday, 23 of us got to have a mini camping vacation on the river! We spent most of it playing games, taking walks, and reading books on the dock in the river. It was such a fun break from life that we were all sad when the power unexpectedly came back last night and we had to return to site.

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