Its kind of a thing here (as an annex of South Africa, Namibia went through apartheid). As we all know that story I wont bore you with the details, but I’ ll illustrate with a scene that just went down.

I’m on my way to Botswana (woot!) and just found a ride to meet Matt about and hour away. Its in a smallish van crammed with 13 very sweaty people. Seeing that a white person was getting in, the two front passengers got out of the car to offer me their seats (incidentally they are a woman with a baby and a very old man). When i refused to take their seats and climbed into the back instead, the driver almost cried. He shook my hand maybe four of five times -through the window – repeating: “this is why I love Americans – black, white, we are all people.“ Aw.


Red and Black Pens

Okay two depressing posts in a row is strictly against my policy… especially since my life is otherwise so joyous. But i just have to describe the scene thats passing before my eyes as i type this post.

So one teacher comes in with two boys, a fourth grader and a fifth grader. One boy has two large rocks in his hand and was apparently trying to stone the other one to death at school. So (as punishment) one teacher starts to beat the first kid, repeatedly slapping him across the face and yelling. Meanwhile the other teachers in the room are debating the merits of black pens versus red pens, and I’ m grading tests.

The whole time, another teacher is literally laughing her head off, taking pictures of the boy with rocks in his hand and showing all of us, calling him “a future criminal“ and “a murderer“ to his face. Hes just staring at her with hatred but shes cracking up about her “future murderer“ joke that she finds hilarious. Then the teacher that was beating them sends them away, threatening that if she sees it again she will beat them to death. Then the children leave and we continue our red/black pen debate.

The end